Separated Layer Water Injection Technology

1. Introduction

Water injection exploitation refers to the injection of water into the reservoir through special injection wells during the development of the oilfield to maintain or restore the pressure of the reservoir, and give the reservoir a strong driving force to increase the rate of exploitation and recovery.

2. Necessity

The long-term exploitation of oilfields has led to the continuous decline of reservoir pressure, resulting in continuous decline in oilfield production and low oil recovery rate. In order to reduce the vacancy, maintain or increase the reservoir pressure to achieve high and stable oil production, and enhance oil recovery, the oil field must be water injected; precisely controlled water injection is the core to improve the performance of water flooding, and layered water injection is the technical guarantee for precisely controlled water injection.

3. Technology Classification

Erui's separated layer water injection includes hollow separated water injection technology and eccentric separated water injection technology, as well as up-to-date test-adjustment integrated technology.

3.1 Hollow separated water injection technology introduction:

Hollow water injection pipe string is composed of compensator, hydraulic anchor, packer, hollow water distributor, hydraulic slip and bottom screen plug.


a) The pipe string has the following features: simple structure, low cost, simple operation, and convenient well washing. Besides, sand production has small effect to the column;

b) The water nozzle is assembled on the core of the hollow water distribution device, easy to replace and adjust.


a) Directly layering testing is not possible because the water distributor core occupies the center channel;

b) Limited by the internal diameter, it normally can make three-level dispensing, up to five-level.

3.2 Eccentric separated water injection technology introduction:

The eccentric injection pipe string is composed of compensator, hydraulic anchor, Y341 packer, eccentric water distributor, bottom screen plugging, etc.


a) The pipe string has high pressure resistance, strong adaptability and strong stability; higher level dispensing can be achieved;

b) The Y341 packer has a well washing passage for reverse circulation well washing;

c) Fishing and matching operations at any level.


a) Higher requirements for post-fishing survey and distribution;

b) High requirements for water quality;

c) The sealing distance is required to be more than 8 meters, which has certain limitations on the water injection of the subdivision layer

3.3 Test-adjustment integrated technology introduction:

For Erui's unique new test-adjustment integrated technology for water injection wells, adjustment can be realized in the process of test, and the flow rate can be tested and adjusted accurately that effectively improve the success rate of throwing in and pulling, and the qualified rate of injection allocation. During the test, the flowmeter shall be connected with the seal section. The flowmeter shall be placed into the water distributor to the lowest stage by steel wires; and then, such flowmeter shall be lifted up step by step to measure the flow of each layer in turn. The surface instrument monitors the flow-pressure curve in real time; the size of the water nozzle for the water injection valve can be adjusted in time according to the change of the curve until the preset flow is reached.

From 2012 to 2018, the test-adjustment integrated technology has been implemented for 346 well times. The maximum well deviation is 56.2°, the maximum depth is 3538 meters, and the maximum interval is 4 layers. The measurement and adjustment accuracy rate is over 90%, which effectively solves the large deployment error and saves more than 2/3 of the test time.

4. Typical Case

Typical case: a layered water injection project in an oilfield in Indonesia

Project Background: The oilfield has been developed for many years, but it has been in the primary oil recovery stage relying on elastic exploitation, and water injection extraction has not been put into use. Facing the dilemma of falling stratum energy and natural production reduction, more and more oil fields need water injection to supplement the stratum energy.

According to customer needs, Erui provided water injection reservoir engineering solution, water injection oil production engineering solution, water injection surface engineering solution, water injection downhole tools, water injection surface equipment and instruments, and water injection well management and maintenance guidance, and successfully helped customers establish and improve oilfield water injection development system. Now this oilfield can produce 1,000 barrels more per day than before.

5. Service Process

ERUI can provide water injection reservoir engineering solutions, water injection production engineering solutions, water injection surface engineering solutions, water injection downhole tools, water injection surface equipment and instruments, water injection well management and maintenance, etc., and on-site guidance services according to customer needs. If you are interested in our products or technology, please follow the process below:

1) Provide basic information and requirements of oil and water wells that need water injection development;

2) Communicate technical and commercial information via email or social software;  

3) ERUI provide a proposal as required;

4) Confirm proposal and sign cooperation agreement;

5) Provide overall solutions, process design, products or on-site construction guidance services according to the contract;

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