ERUI International Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform” or “We”) with domain name as, make this Legal Statement as the binding part of agreement between the Registered Member (or referred to “You” or “User” when the visitor use the Platform) and the Platform.

All Registered Members, no matter you are vendor, supplier, purchaser, global partner or strategic partner, shall read and completely comprehend the Legal Statement before visiting or using the Platform or registering at the Platform.

When visiting or using the platform, they shall completely accept all the clauses and conditions in the Legal Statement and the notice published on the Platform and abide by relevant laws, regulations and rules by any applicable laws on the internet and/ or the Platform. Once Registered Member or You visit or use the platform, it will be regarded Registered Member or You agreed and accepted all the above-mentioned clauses, conditions and notices.

When registering at the Platform, they shall completely accept all the clauses and conditions in the Legal Statement and the Service Agreement of the Platform (hereinafter referred to as the Service Agreement), the rules and notices published and updated time to time on the Platform, as well as relevant laws, regulations and rules on the internet and/ or the Platform. Once they use or accept any services provided by the Platform, it will be regarded they agreed and accepted all the above-mentioned clauses, conditions, rules and notices.

The Platform operator reserves the right to modify, change or update the Legal Statement.

I. Information on the website

The Registered Member shall bear all liabilities for any information provided by itself and the Platform operator will not bear any liabilities for the accuracy, completeness, legality or authenticity of the information. Besides, the platform operator will not bear any liabilities and risks related to the use or provision of the information on the platform.

Without the written permission from the Platform, any person is not allowed to display or use the product pictures on the Platform. Any behaviors using the pictures on the Platform without permission may be in violation of Copyright Law, Trademark Act, Privacy Act, Trade Secret Act and relevant laws and regulations.

Without the written permission from the owner of the intellectual property, the Registered Member shall not distribute, modify, spread, reuse or transmit the data and information or use it for any commercial purposes.

II. Copyright and trademark

The Platform is owned by the Platform operator. All rights are under the protection of relevant laws and regulations throughout the world. Unless there are other marks or they are allowed to be used under the clause or rule, all readable and visible data on the platform owned by the Platform are under the protection of relevant intellectual property right laws and regulations.

Domain name “”, tradename “ERUI International Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.”, the LOGO “ERUI International” , identification of “ERUI International” any other information and date of the Platform are the sole private property of the Platform.

III. Disclaimer

The Platform does not bear any legal liabilities for matters below:

(I) The Platform does not make direct, indirect, legal and equitable warranty, presentation, commitment and guarantee, express or implied, for the user's use of any contents or services on or related to the Platform or any sites or contents linked to the website, or to suit to a particular purpose.

(II) Under all conditions (including but not limited to negligence or fault), the user shall bear the sole liabilities (including but not limited to the liability for negligence) for any losses or damages (including direct, indirect, special or consequential losses or damages, such as the loss of income or profits, loss of computer system or data loss) caused by the use of the information on the Platform, the information linked by the Platform, or the information on other websites linked with the Platform.

(III) In case of failure of partial or all transactions caused by abnormal conditions that cannot be controlled by the Platform such as force majeure, act of gods, accident or technical obstacles, the Platform has right to temporarily or technically stop the transaction and bear no liabilities.

(IV) The user bears the risks, possible losses as well as all consequences caused by the use of the Platform. Except from the businesses related to direct external sales by the Platform operator, the Platform is not obliged to guarantee the contract performance between the two contracting parties in that transaction and does not bear any liabilities.

(V) The information, products or services provided by cooperative partners, global partners, strategic partners, alliance organizations and other relevant websites of the Platform are extended services provided by the Platform to members only. The service provider other than the Platform shall bear relevant liabilities for any disputes, expenses, losses, liabilities or consequences caused by or due to the use or use failure of the services, while the Platform does not bear any legal liabilities.

(VI) The Platform operator does not bear any liabilities for any direct or indirect damages or losses caused by any third parties' access to the website by illegal means for relevant password, data and contents.

The use of the Platform by the user indicates that user acknowledges and accepts all the risks of browsing the website and the Platform, the Platform operator and its related company do not bear any liabilities for any direct or indirect economic losses or other losses caused by the user's access to the data on the Platform.

IV. Privacy statement

Members acknowledge and accept that they should use the platform or disclose relevant company and personal information in according to the requirements of Service Agreement, Legal Statement, published notices and other relevant rules and regulations once they click the OK to accept.

(I) Username and password: After a membership is successfully registered, a username, password and verification E-mail shall be provided for retrieving password in case of password loss. If a member loses the registered information, it shall contact the Platform operator immediately. For the benefit of the User, the User can authorize the staff of the Platform operator in lieu of the User for registration membership.

(II) Registered information: In registration, Users shall fill in the login name/ username, E-mail and set login password according to prompts. After E-mail verification, Users shall fill in relevant information according to the prompts on registration page and read and accept the service agreement. When all registration procedures are finished, the Registered Member can log in the Platform with its username or verified E-mail. With the registered information, the Platform operator will get statistical data of the members and classify the members according to the data, such as Supplier Members, Purchaser Members, Global Partner Members and Strategic Partners Members.

(III) Access behavior of the User: The Platform operator tracks the IP address for safety only. If no any safety problem is found, it will delete the IP address timely. Besides, the Platform operator will also track the page access data of members of the day to make plan for its future development based on the flow of the Platform (such as adding a server).

(IV) Use of Cookie: cookies are a less amount of data and if the User does not reject the cookies, the cookies will be sent to the browser of the User and saved in computer hard disk. The Platform will store relevant access data of the user with the cookies, so that when the user accesses or visits the Platform again, the Platform operator can identify it and provide good services by analyzing the data. The User can accept or reject the cookies by modifying the settings of the browser, however, the User may not use some functions of the Platform depending on the cookies due to the rejection of the cookies.

(V) External links: The Platform has links to other websites. The Platform does not bear any liabilities for the privacy protection measures of these external websites. The Platform operator may add business partners or websites sharing the brand at any demands, however, it will only provide the comprehensive information rather than the identity of the User.

(VI) Security: The Platform has relevant security measures to prevent the loss, abuse or alteration of information. These security measures include backing up data on other servers and encrypting the password of members. In spite of the measures above, please note that there are no perfect security measures on internet.

(VII) Updating of contents on the Platform: The Platform operator can change the contents of the Legal Statement at any time while giving no any notice.

V. Data Protection

This Data Protection Policy (the "Policy") explains to you how the Platform collect, use, save, share and transfer Personal Information when Registered Member use our products and/or services, and the way we provide for you to visit, update, delete and protect that information.

Personal information refers to various information that is recorded electronically or otherwise and can be used alone or in combination with other information to identify a specific natural person or reflect the activities of such a person of the User. Subject to the relevant laws and regulations, the Platform will use your personal information with a third party after confirming the legality of the source of the personal information. Please be noted that this policy does not apply to these third party.

This policy uses the term ‘Personally sensitive information’. That term refers to personal information that gets additional protection under many privacy laws around the world. Personally sensitive information reveals racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership.

We will only collect and use the User’s Personal Information for the following purposes:

(I) Functions necessary for online shopping


You first need to register a account to become a User. When you register, you need to at least provide us with your desired account name and password, your own mobile phone number, and e-mail address (for verification). We will verify your identity by sending a SMS verification code or e-mail.

Display and search

To enable you to quickly find the products, services or project you desire, We will keep your search history for you so as to avoid repeated input or to show products associated with those you have searched for before.


When you are ready to buy the products in your shopping cart, the Platform will generate your "order information".


After your order is placed, you can make payment in a manner provided by the Platform or any third financing institution.


Delivery information of your transaction will be kept.

Customer services and after-sale services

To activate our telephone customer services and after-sale services, we will use your account information and order information.

(II) Functions necessary for improvement of our products and/or services

We may use your order information, browsing history, interests and hobbies (to be selected in the account settings) we collected so as to show you the products or services you are interested in; or suggest what you might want to find while you search.

(III) Functions necessary for protecting the security of transactions

To enhance the security of your system when using our products and/or services, to accurately prevent phishing website fraud and to protect account security, we judge risks about the use of your account via information on your browsing, orders, your frequently used software, and devices and record some links ("URL") that we believe to be risky; we also collect information about your device to analyze the system, conduct traffic statistics and investigate possible risks, and troubleshoot when you choose to send us abnormal information.

(IV) Other purposes

We will also collect and process your personal information in the following circumstances:

where requested by public authorities in furtherance of their powers or functions, including for national security, public safety, public health and major public interests;

relating to criminal investigations, prosecutions, trials and execution of judgments;

for the purposes of protection of material legal rights and benefits such as the lives and properties of the personal information subject or other individuals where it is difficult to obtain the consent of the subject involved;

the personal information to be collected is made available by the subject of the personal information to the public;

your personal information is collected from legally disclosed information, such as legitimate news reports, government information disclosure, etc.;

necessary for signing the contract as required by you;

necessary for maintaining the safety and stable operation of the products and/or services provided, such as the detection and disposal of the fault at products and/or services;

required for legal news reports;

necessary for academic research institutions to conduct statistical or academic research for public interest, to the extent that the personal information contained in the academic research or description results is de-identified;

other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations.

We are required by law set out in this Privacy Policy the legal grounds on which we rely in order to process your personal information necessary for us to enter into, and perform our obligations under, our contract with you, such as when we use your personal information for registration and delivery; necessary for compliance with a legal obligation under the laws of a Member State (e.g. any mandatory disclosures to an authority, regulator or government body); or in some cases, we have obtained your prior consent.

We will share, transfer or make available your personal information as follows:

(I) We share your personal information with our affiliates. However, we only share it on a need-to-know basis and will be bound by the purposes stated in the Policy. If our affiliates are to change the intended purposes for which they use your information, they will notify you in advance and seek your consent if necessary.

(II) We share your order, account, device and location information with partners and other third parties to ensure the smooth completion of our services. However, we will only share necessary personal information for the purposes. Our partners have no right to use the shared personal information for any other purposes.

(III) In order to comply with laws, enforce or apply our conditions of use and other agreements, or to protect the rights and property or safety, such as preventing fraud and other illegal activities and reducing credit risks.

We value personal information security and will take all reasonable and practical measures to protect your personal information. That said, the Internet is not absolutely secure. Communication methods with other users, such as e-mail, instant messaging, and social software, cannot be fully encrypted. We recommend that you use complex passwords when using such tools, and take care to protect your personal information. We set out below the security measures taken to protect your personal information: Data security technical measures, signing confidentiality agreements with those who will access to the information, monitoring and auditing mechanisms, Data protection lessons, conduct analysis.

Your personal information might be internationally transferred. In such case, we will request the receiving party to process the personal information by taking relevant confidentiality and security measures in accordance with our instructions and this Private Policy. If we terminate services or operation, we will notify you at least 3 days in advance and remove or anonymize your personal information after the termination of services or operation.

We attach great importance to your concern for personal information and makes every effort to protect your right to access, correct, delete, and withdraw consent to use, your personal information, so that you have full capacity to protect your privacy and security. To provide you with better services and with the development of business, this Policy will also be updated. We will remind you of the updates by releasing an updated version on the website and mobile terminal. We also invite you to visit the Website to keep abreast of the latest privacy policy.

In case of any opinions and suggestions for the statement or any questions in the use of the platform, please contact the platform operator at +86 400-820-9199.