Removal & Anti-paraffin Technology

1. Introduction

Removal & anti-paraffin technology refers to a process that prevents paraffin precipitation in well fluids by mechanical, thermal, and chemical methods or removes paraffin that has precipitated and adhered to oil well pipe walls, deep well pumps, sucker rods and other equipment.


2. Necessity

Crude oil contains different amounts of paraffin, which is generally in a dissolved state under reservoir conditions. When crude oil rises from the bottom of the well and flows through the tubing, the temperature and pressure gradually decrease. Then paraffin gradually precipitates out, accumulates and deposits on the tubing wall, which is called oil well paraffin precipitation. It makes the inner diameter of the tubing smaller, which affects the production capacity of the well, and even makes well shut down under severe situation.

Erui provides customized solutions according to the existence and severities of paraffin deposition in different well conditions.

3. Technology Classification

3.1 Sucker rod paraffin scraper: For rod-pumped wells with light paraffin deposition, nylon paraffin scrapers can be installed on the rods to remove paraffin during the reciprocating movement. The paraffin deposited on the rods will be removed in the first half stroke. The paraffin deposited on the inner wall of the oil pipe will be removed in the second half stroke due to the action of the stopper. At the same time, the oil flow quickly passes through the inclined opening and tooth groove of the paraffin scraper to carry away the removed paraffin to avoid clogging.

Advantages: low cost and simple construction.

Disadvantages: The paraffin on the sucker rod joints and stoppers cannot be removed, so other paraffin removal measures should be regularly supplemented, such as heat carrier cycle washing or chemical paraffin removal.

Application case: Well Guang 16-7 in an oil field in China, with a pump depth of 2500 meters, a daily output of 7 tons of fluid, a daily output of 2 tons of oil, 72% water content, and serious paraffin deposition. After using the sucker rod paraffin scraper for four months, the pipe string was raised, and no paraffin formation was found in the downhole pipe string.

                             On-site photos after 3 months without using sucker rod paraffin scraper.

                            On-site photos after using the sucker rod paraffin scraper for 4 months

3.2 Continuous cable heating paraffin removal technology :Erui's thermal paraffin removal and prevention technology is suitable for wells with serious paraffin deposition. For oil wells with paraffin deposition lifted by rodless pumps, continuously heated cables will be placed into the oil pipe to heat and magnetize the crude oil. The construction is simple and cables are reusable. It can not only melt paraffin, but also prevent paraffin crystallization


a)  Any rodless oil production well can be used without being affected by well conditions and fluid restrictions. In addition, the entire set of units has only cables and control cabinets, so the one-time investment cost is low.

b) Easy to get up and down, no need to get up and down the tubing, just use the cable rack to complete the up and down operations.

c) The heating time can be set according to the heating demand, and the heating time can be automatically controlled.


Because the cable needs to be lowered into the tubing, it is only suitable for rodless pump wells

Application case:

Application case: Well *69-5 in an oil field in Xinjiang China, is a heavy oil cold production well with a viscosity close to 5000 mPas and a paraffin content of 24%. The normal production effect is poor. After applying the continuous cable heating technology, the lifting equipment has been operating normally for more than three years.

3.3 New non-pollution hot car washing paraffin technology: The downhole lifting power transports the oil well itself liquid as a medium to the heating furnace. Then the heat liquid will be delivered to the annular space of the oil well jacket to form a closed loop for circulating heating and well flushing. Superconducting technology is used to control heating in stages and time to gradually melt the accumulated paraffin on the downhole oil pipes and rods to realize complete paraffin removal.


a)  For non-discontinued wells, the well washing fluid is taken from the original well fluid of the production well and does not contaminate the formation;
b) There is no draining period after the well washing, and the production is stable;
c) With 5.1 side storage buffer tank, hot water, hot oil or steam can be washed in the production well without additional water pulling and oil washing;


Disadvantages: Long washing time, on-site operation requires 2 operators.

Application case:

Application case: Well S3-12-12, pumping 1800m, voltage of 1140V, using 4 ignitions, 4 de-waxing, washing the well takes 5 hours, the current, work diagram, load and other data changes obviously after washing, the effect is ideal.

                                                           Work curve before washing well:

                                                            Work curve after washing well:


well number

Condition before washing well

Condition before after well



Current(Max/Min, A)

Load(Max/Min, KN)

Current Max/Min, A

Load(Max/Min, KN)





4. Service Process

ERUI can provide technical solutions and process design for oil well removal & anti-paraffin according to customer needs, provide removal & anti-paraffin products and equipment, on-site guidance and technical services. If you are interested in our products or technology, you can follow the process below:
4.1 Please put forward your technical needs or what you want to achieve;
4.2 Please provide the basic information about removal & anti-paraffin wells.
4.3 Communication via email or social software mainly implements technical and business information.
4.4 ERUI issues a brief plan or suggestion as required.
4.5 Confirm the needs and direction of cooperation, and sign a cooperation agreement.
4.6 Provide overall solutions, process design, products or on-site construction guidance services according to the contract.

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