Water Shut-off and Profile Control Technology

1. Introduction

Water shutoff and profile control is a method to improve water flooding efficiency and enhance oil recovery (EOR). Profile control refers to seal the high permeable layer in the water injection well, and water injection profile can be adjusted; Water shutoff refers to shut off high permeability layers in oil wells to reduce water production.

2. Necessity

Due to the heterogeneities and complexity of the stratum and oil reservoir, in the process of supplementing stratum energy by water injection to enhance oil recovery, water fingering and channeling may occur in the oil reservoir. The larger of water injection amount is, the higher of heterogeneity of the water injection profile will be. It may result in high water content in oil  wells and other various hazards. Based on this consideration, Erui recommends two kinds of solutions: water shutoff in oil wells and profile control in water wells.

3. Technology Classification

The key to water shutoff in oil wells lies in blocking the intervals with high water content and adjusting the production pressure difference of oil reservoirs to prevent the increase of water in oil wells. The key to profile control in water wells lies in adjusting the water absorption profile and flow direction by injecting plugging agents that can move in deep areas to prevent the channeling in large pore paths or zones with high permeability.

The decision-making and implementation of the water shutoff and profile control technology are based on a comprehensive analysis on information such as production performance, permeability difference, injection-production correspondence and residual potential of well areas and different reservoir conditions, and the plugging agent as well as plugging and control system meeting the technical indicators will be selected. The profile control technology with a wide applicability can significantly improve the recovery ratio.

Erui can provide different water plugging and profile control systems for different reservoir conditions.

3.1 Large dose deep plugging system

System characteristics: easy to inject, adjustable strength, with deep transport performance;

Application direction: suitable for carrying out large-dose deep profile control and flooding in conventional reservoir.

3.2 Temperature and salt resistance deep plugging system

System characteristics: strong temperature and salt resistance, 150℃ temperature resistance, and 24×104mg/L salt resistance.

Application direction: suitable for deep profile control and water plugging of high temperature and high salinity reservoirs.

3.3 Medium and low permeability reservoir plugging system

System characteristics: easy to inject, with high plugging performance.

Application direction: profile control or water plugging of carbonate reservoirs with medium-low permeability sandstone reservoirs and micro-fractures.

3.4 High-intensity plugging system

System characteristics: System serialization, suitable for oil reservoirs with 30-150℃ and salinity <200,000mg / L; High strength and adjustable: basically has no fluidity after form.

Profile control or water plugging in high-porosity and high-permeability sandstone reservoirs and fracture-cavity carbonate reservoirs.

3.5 Thermal recovery plugging system

System characteristics:

Reversible, with little damage to stratum: low viscosity fluid at low temperature, colloidal fluid at high temperature, and low viscosity fluid at low temperature.

Low viscosity, easy to inject: The gel conversion time is adjustable (75-135℃), which can seal the deep part of the stratum.

Good temperature resistance: 250 °C; At high temperature, it turns into colloid to block large pores and adjust the steam absorption profile;

Application direction: Profile control or water plugging in heavy oil thermal recovery reservoirs, plugging water channeling.

4. Typical Case

Typical case: water plugging and profile control in an oil field in Kazakhstan.

From April 21 to August 16, 2013, the profile control construction was carried out in No. 5 well group of Kazakhstan. After the profile control, the water injection pressure of the five profile control wells increased from 0 atm to 14 atm. Until April 4, 2014, the oil production was stable at about 150t/d, the highest peak output is 172t/d, the cumulative oil increase is 13408t, and the success rate of measures is 100%.

5. Service Process

Erui can provide plugging and adjustment technical solutions, plugging and adjustment process design, oil and water well plugging and adjustment agents, construction equipment, on-site guidance and technical services according to customer needs. If you are interested in our products or technology, you can follow the process below:

5.1 Please put forward your technical needs or what you want to achieve;

5.2 Please provide basic information about the blocks and oil-water wells that need to be blocked and profiled

5.3  Communicate technical and commercial information via email or social software; 

5.4  ERUI provide a proposal as required;

5.5  Confirm proposal and sign cooperation agreement;

5.6  Provide overall solutions, process design, products or on-site construction guidance services according to the contract;

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