What are the regulations for the safe use of oxygen cylinders?




What are the regulations for the safe use of oxygen cylinders?

With the development of the economy, the level of medical care is constantly improving. Oxygen cylinders are relatively common medical equipment in hospitals. They are oxygen supply equipment for respiratory diseases and hypoxia. When we are using oxygen cylinders, what are the safe use regulations? Next, let the editor take you to understand:

Regulations for the safe use of oxygen cylinders:

1. Operators should be trained before taking up their posts. Wear cotton overalls, shoes without nails, gloves and overalls and all tools must not be stained with oil during operation.

2. The oxygen cylinder should be used upright and fixed firmly with an oxygen cylinder cart or other support.

3. When opening the bottle valve, people should stand on the side and open it slowly to reduce air friction and impact.

4. After use, the remaining gas with a pressure above 0.5Mpa should be left in the gas cylinder, and the cylinder valve should be closed tightly.

5. It is forbidden to knock or collide the oxygen cylinder, and do not use fire to defrost when the bottle valve is frozen.

6. It is strictly forbidden to overhaul gas cylinders under pressure, and it is strictly forbidden for the user to modify the oxygen cylinders with other gases.

7. When the oxygen cylinder catches fire, the oxygen valve should be closed immediately. When nearby buildings or burning materials catch fire, the oxygen cylinder should be quickly moved to a safe place.

8. The management and transportation of oxygen cylinders strictly implement the safety operating procedures and safety systems, the transportation of oxygen cylinders should be careful not to impact, the users must pay attention to safety, smoking is not allowed, the valves and pipeline switches of the oxygen cylinders must be checked frequently, closed well, and no others are allowed. Oxygen leakage, non-workers are not allowed to use it.

9. Strictly implement the relevant regulations, regularly perform pressure test and scrap update on oxygen cylinders, have obvious signs, complete accounts, and do a good job in annual inspection. The pharmacy department is responsible for the maintenance and transportation of oxygen and related equipment, and the oxygen cylinders used by the department are based on the principle of who uses it. Close the valve immediately after use, and prohibit smoking and open flames to ensure safe use.

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