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Scene Displaymore >

We demonstrate the working environment of oil and gas energy field through scenarios, which help you quickly select the products you need. Now we have made 6 scene simulation diagrams related to oil production, and more scenarios will be launched in succession.

  • Water Plugging and Profile Control
  • Oil Field Digital Process
  • Gathering And Transportation
  • Hot Washing Removal Wax
  • Water Injection
  • Oil Recovery

Technical Solutionsmore >

ERUI provides not only products including equipments, spare parts and general consumables and SaaS services for oil and gas industry, but professional oilfield diagnosis solutions. Now we have released 6 technical solutions, including sand control, separated layer water injection, water plugging and profile control, wax removal and prevention and oilfield digitization. Please contact us for more details.

  • WSeparated Layer Water Injection
  • Multi-heat Fluid Generator
  • Efficient Plug Removal
  • Hydraulic Brake PCP
  • Oilfield Digitization
  • Water Plugging