ERUI International Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.
The First Cross-border Industrial Internet Platform in China.

Our mission is to Create Efficient Supply Chain in Oil & Gas Industry. With the technology of the Internet, IOT, big data, etc., we provide the whole
eco- system to our customers including abundant products, advanced technology,intelligent platform, and service on big data, supply chain finance,
warehousing & logistics, digital marketing, etc..ERUI is committed to reducing industry costs and improving industry efficiency continuously.
ERUI platform focuses on high-end intelligent equipment and accessories consumables, industrial tools, general equipment and other industrial
products in the field of oil and gas energy. It is committed to becoming a large-scale industrial Internet platform to promote the transformation and
upgrading of China's oil equipment industry as well as "resource sharing" in the field of comprehensive energy.


The second batch of preferred projects among the major project library for the transformation
of new and old kinetic energy of Shandong Province
Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service platform in Shandong province

Splendid industrial e-commerce platform in 2018
China industrial e-commerce operating situation index monitoring benchmarking enterprise

Vice president unit of Shandong cross-border e-commerce association
Excellent member of Shandong cross-border e-commerce association

Top 10 cross-border b2b e-commerce enterprise of china industrial internet in 2018
Top 100 enterprise of china industrial internet in 2018

China's foreign trade new formats, new models of national pilot units, and sinosure
signed as a strategic partner.

Dubai, Colombia, Indonesia, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and Russia were identified as
public overseas warehouses of cross-border e-commerce in Shandong province.

Top 100 e-commerce enterprise of china bulk commodity in 2019
B2B supply chain financial innovation award of China in 2019

Chinese B2B Gazelle Enterprise in 2019
The most growing companies in the B2B field in 2019

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ERUI Value-based Service

6-Scene Comprehensive Solutions on Internet + Oil & Gas Energy

One-stop Purchasing Service >>

Spot Transactions Centralized Purchase and Distribution

Integral Storage & Logistics Service >>

Intelligent Transportation Cloud Warehouse

Supply Chain Finance Service >>

Account Receivable Financing Pledge Financing Order Financing

Intelligence Platform Service

Intelligent Searching Data Analysis Online Transaction

Professional Technology Service

High Oil Fxtraction Technology Information Solution Service Asset Operation and Maintenance

Global Marketing Promotion Service

Share Omni-channel Marketing Services Share Erui Global Marketing Network

Cooperative Partner

Business Scope

The platform focuses on high-end intelligent equipment and accessories,consumables, industrialtools,
general equipment and other industrial products in the field of oil and gas energy.

Technical Services & Products of
Drilling and Completion

Technical Services &
Products of Oil Extraction

Products and Consumables of
Oil Gathering and Transportation

Products and Consumables
of Refining and Chemicals

General Equlpment Products

PPE Products


Air Compressing Products

Hand Tools

Chemicals Products


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