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HHG3810L Direct-stroke Electronic Electric Actuator

HHG3810L Direct-stroke Electronic Electric Actuator




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Product Information

HHG3810L series electronic electric actuator takes 220V AC single-phase power supply as the driving power supply and operates the full-electronic actuator by accepting the DC4-20mA from regulator or DC4-20mA control signal; the actuator is equipped with servo system, requires no servo amplifier, easy to be connected, with self-diagnosis function, high control precision and high reliability, able to be combined with various angel stroke regulating mechanisms to form electric regulating valve.


Technical Parameters:

1. Power supply: AC220V(+10%/-15%)50HZ±1%; 2. Driving motor: AC reversible motor; 3. Control signal: DC4-20mA、DC1-5V; 4. Opening measuring: conductive plastic potentiometer; 5. Power consumption: A model/about 50VA (under rated load), B model/about 510VA (under rated load), C model/about 2200VA (under rated load); 6. Action method: use switch to change positive and negative; 7. Resolution: <0.4%; 8. Adjustment range: zero point/±25%, stroke /20%~100%; 9. Output signal: DC4-20mA; 10. Control limit switch: open detection, close detection; 11. Type of upper cover: protection grade (equal to IP55); 12. Installation posture: random; 13. Wire outlet: 2-PF1/2, 2~PF3/4 (explosion-proof type) ExdIIBT4; 14. Explosion proof mark: ExdIIBT4; 15. Allowable environmental temperature (℃): explosion proof type -10~60, without space heater: -10~60, with space heater: -35~60; 16. Environmental gas: non-corrosive gas; 17. Allowable vibration: below 1.5G; 18. Relative humidity: below 95%;

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