TYCX Series High Efficiency Permanent Magnet Motor

8 sku

TYCX Series High Efficiency Permanent Magnet Motor

Technical parameters

Base range of this series of product is 132-355 . The power rating and installation size are in fully compliance with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. The motor adopts F-class insulation. The machine base number above H180 has the oil discharge and injection device. Ifthe users request, stator temperature measurement can be installed. Working style is S1, cooling style is IC411 and the shell protection level is IP54. "W" outdoor, "TH" wet tropical , "WTH" outdoor wet tropic , "W (F1-F2)" anti-corrosion type (F1 is medium corrosion, F2 is strong anti-corrosion) can be produced at the same time. The heat sinks fin of the motor are distributed vertically and horizontally. The position of the motor junction box (according to the base No. ) has the base flank and base top for two kinds of structures for users to choose (if the user does not specify the junction box is on the right side).

Executive standard

1. GB/T 22711-2008; 2. GB/T 22669-2008.

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