Textile Sling

The main products are: webbing sling, round sling, ratchet strap, assembly sling, mooring rope and traction rope. We are able to manufacture special slings such as high-strength type, flame retardant type, anti-slip type, wear-resistant type, acid and alkali resistant type, high temperature resistant type, fluorescent type, optical inspection type and oil and water-resistant type sling.

Product usage: Textile slings are widely used for lifting, pulling, bundling, fixed and other operations in machining, port handling, marine engineering, ship, electric power, transportation, aerospace and other fields.

Webbing sling

Round sling

Fireproof sling

Special sling

Wire Rope

Steel wire rope factory is a professional and an advanced level factory in China with annual design capacity 100000t.

The products cover all the size from Φ1.8mm to Φ260mm with various point and line contacts wire rope, compacted strand wire rope and steel cable which are widely used in the field of metallurgy, machinery, construction, shipbuilding, transportation, mining industry, petroleum, marine engineering, etc.

Steel cable splicing sling

Cast steel wire rope sling

Nine strand steel wire rope sling

Ratchet Straps

Of ratchet tie down: with the property of high tension, low elongation, small volume, light weight, easy to operate, safe and convenient to bring, etc,ratchet tie down is widely used in lashing, tying and even self rescue of trailer during transportation.

Production capacity: Breaking load from 0.25t till 10t, width from 25mm till 100mm are available. We are able to supply different kinds of protecting measures according to different using requirement.

LS Type


Swan Hook

Metallurgy Clamp

Specializing in designing, researching and developing, and manufacturing kinds of clamp which could be used in various environments, including mechanical clamps, motor-driven clamps, hydraulic clamps, etc. The product range is 1t – 1000t working load.

They are widely used in metallurgy industry, port operation, storage handling and other industries with an annual capacity of more than 6000t. There are 150 sets of large processing machineries including φ200 NC floor type borer, 4x8m CNC planer type milling machine, etc. And products could be designed per user requirement.

Slab Clamp

Medium Plate Clamp

Round Steel Clamp

Square Billet Clamp

Company Introduction
Technology R&D Center
Control Introduction
Application Examples

Company Introduction

JULI SLING was founded in 1985 and focused on research & development and manufacturing of rigging for 33 years. It is currently China's largest, most complete and most professional manufacturing company of rigging and occupy “the first brand" dominant position in Chinese rigging industry.

JULI has become the pioneer in China’s lifting and rigging industry, the advocate of worldwide rigging civilization, the standard makers in rigging field. We not only sell rigging products, but more importantly is to provide lifting resolutions and solve the lifting problems.

Technology R&D Center

The Technology R&D center has been recognized by the authorized authority of the state.

The Technology R&D Center has 234 scientific research & technical staff, owned 147 patents among which are 19 patents of invention, as chief or a key editor, JULI has participated 43 national and industry standards, which accounts for up to 60 percent of all cases.

The Technology R&D center accepted the key sub-item of one of the major national research and development projects——High-strength Wire Rope, sub-item of National 863 Program.

Control Introduction

Quality Management Center established GB/T19001-2016 /ISO9001:2015、GB/T24001-2016/ISO14001:2015、GJB9001C-2017、API Q1 certification .

Meanwhile :German GS 、certification, European Union CE certification, China Classification Society (CCS) certification, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certification, LR Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LR) certification, Bureau Veritas (BV) certification, Korean Register of Shipping (KR) certification, Singapore FPC certification, MA certification, KA certification, Russian GOST certification, Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and CCPC certification.

Application Examples

Nuclear power, wind power, hydropower, shipbuilding, metallurgy, bridges, mining, aerospace, marine engineering, heavy industry machinery, transportation, port and dock, space structure, machinery manufacturing and other industries.



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Local currency settlement in 13 countries;

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