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    Mud pump liner
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Mud pump liner

Mud pump is the "heart" of oil drilling system while mud pump liner an important disposable quick-wearing part of the fluid end. Therefore, the quality of mud pump liner will directly affect the normal operation of the drilling rig and thus the drilling costs.

  • Bi-metal liner >

    Bi-metal liner is one of the most widely used types of liner. Our product combines the virtue of high strength forged steel shell and the advantage of anti-abrasive corrosion-resistant high-chromium sleeve together. The shell, including lip sleeve, is forged with high-quality carbon steel. The inner sleeve made of high-chromium cast iron is processed by centrifugal casting, the hardness of which is up to HRC 62 after heat treatment, could withstand a mud pressure of 7000 psi.

  • Ceramic liner >

    Ceramic liner is applied to well drilling operations for deep reservoir and complicated geologic situations, and is also used for offshore oil and gas development. The hardness of the working surface of the inner sleeve can reach HRC89 or more while the bending strength can be up to 1000-1200Mpa. Our ceramic liner is able to withstand a maximum pump pressure of 70Mpa. It is anti-abrasive, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure-resistance, and is of high strength and high rigidity.

  • Applicable mud pump type: F/P/PZ/A/T/TPK/UNBT/UNB/NBT/PN series