Y560 level 12 10Kv series high voltage high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor


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Product Introduction
1. The Y series high voltage and high efficiency motor is a kind of single-speed, continuous working system, high voltage cage-shaped three-phase asynchronous motor, the H355-H400 seat is a cast iron structure, and the H450-H630 is a steel plate welding box structure. It adopts class F insulation, with temperature rise examined according to class B, thus greatly improving the operational reliability and service life of the motor. The basic protection grade is IP23, while other protection grades such as IP44 and IP54 could also be derived to adapt to different use environment conditions, while multiple mechanical equipment could also be driven, such as pump, fan and compressor etc.
Technical Parameters
1. Seat center height: H355~H630mm.
2. Power range: 185kW~2500kW.
3. Rated voltage and power: 10000V, 6000V or 3000V, 50Hz (customized according to users).
4. Protection grade: IP23.
5. Heat classification: 155 (F).
6. Cooling method: IC01.
Executive Standard
GB/T 13957-2008; JB/T 10446-2014

Warranty Period
12 months from the date of delivery
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