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Product Introduction
1. Japanese IMS SPERIA-212 furnace unit ( multi-purpose vacuum continuous heat treatment furnace) is applied to quenching and tempering treatment. Vacuum hardening and tempering ensures rational combination between hardenability and toughness of workpieces. It makes the workpieces obtain standard mechanical properties and machinability, refines grain and eliminates structural defects. These workpieces have such good characters as no surface scale, uniform hardness, stable organizational structure and good comprehensive mechanical properties;
2. Threads of tool joint are processed by precision CNC machine tool which ensures geometrical size of threads and strictly controls single parameter, shape, surface roughness, precision, root arc size and overall dimesions of threads;
3. Threads surface is phosphatized/copperized for protection. -Phosphating treatment uses Zn-Mn phosphating solution; -copperizing treatment adopts electrolytic copper process. Thickness of phosphating/copper coating should be strictly controled to guarantee sealing performance of joint, avoid thread gluing and prolong service life.
Technical Parameters
1. Material: AISI4137H(37CrMnMo);
2. Surface treatment: Phosphatized.
Executive Standard
API Spec 5DP-2009

Warranty Period
12 Months from delivery