ExnAIIT4Gc IP54 Non-sparking Single-pole Plug and Socket


Guarantee Period: 12 Months

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Product Introduction
Oil exploration & drilling circuits and other electrical connection.
1. The product is suitable for outdoor use;
2. Plug of the same type is universal. There are three types of sockets for selection: ①panel fixed type (GZ); ②portable installation type (YA); ③inclined fixed type (GZ);
3. All products can be reversely installed, that is to say, female (installation of jacks in the plug), male (installation of pins in the socket);
4. There are various supporting specifications of cables available for all models of products.
Technical Parameters
1. Explosion-proof mark: ExnA IIT4 Gc;
2. Applicable range: zone 2;
3. Operating voltage: 750V AC;
4. Operating current: 200A/400A/600A/800-1000A;
5. Voltage resistance: 2800V AC 1 min;
6. Level of protection: IP54;
7. Termination method: crimping;
8. Mechanical life: 500 times;
9. In plug and socket, pins and jacks are interchangeable for installation.
Executive Standard
GB 3836.8-2014

Warranty Period
12 Months