Double-eccentric Wafter Type Butterfly Valve

Brand: KOKO

Guarantee Period: 12 months from the date of delivery

Response Time: 6 - 24h

EXW: 30 Day (s)

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Product Introduction
Sealing principle:
Due to the fact that on the basis of the single-eccentric butterfly valve, the center of rotation of the plate (namely the center of the valve shaft) and the centerline of the valve body are formed with a size b offset, so that during the opening process of the butterfly valve, the sealing surface of the plate will be faster than that of the single-eccentric sealing butterfly valve. When the disc is rotated to 8°-12°, the disc sealing surface completely disengages from the valve seat sealing surface. When fully opened, a larger gap Y is formed between the two sealing surfaces. The design of this type of butterfly valve greatly reduces the mechanical wear and the extrusion deformation between the two sealing surfaces, so that the sealing performance of the butterfly valve is further improved.
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Technical Parameters
1. Specification (mm): DN50-DN1200;
2. Pressure rating (MPa): PN0.6, PN1.0, PN1.6, PN2.5, PN4.0;
3. Operating mode: manual, pneumatic, worm, and electric;
4. Body material: cast steel;
5. Stem material: stainless steel;
6. Packing: flexible graphite.
Executive Standard

Warranty Period
12 months from the date of delivery