CZY15-20-Q41F-25 Flange Ball Valve


Guarantee Period: 12 months

Response Time: 6 - 24h

EXW: 10 Day (s)

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Product Introduction
Ball valve is the product of ever developing valve manufacturing technology. It features simple structure, easy operation, small fluid resistance, reliable sealing performance and long-term service. It's suitable for various connection forms and is widely used in the automatic control systems of devices in the fields of petroleum, chemical engineering, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, etc.
Technical Parameters
1. Working pressure: ≤25MPa, 150LB~600LB
2. Working medium: non-corrosive and corrosive media like water, gas, oil, etc.
3. Working temperature: -40℃~450℃
4. Piping material: steel pipe, copper pipe, aluminum pipe, stainless steel pipe, plastic pipe and nylon pipe
5. Conventional material: 321、316、316L、304、304L、A105
6. Connecting thread: M, G, ZG, NPT
7. Piping size: φ14~φ159
Executive Standard
GB3733.1~3765-83、ASTM、 Q/321182 608898808 04

Warranty Period
12 months