Bowl-shaped with valve respirator


Guarantee Period: Storage instructions: Put it in a cool, dry place. Shelf life: 2 years.

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EXW: 30 Day (s)

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Product Introduction
The three-layer structure can reduce the loss of fiber and increase the comfort of wearing.
It has a built-in efficient carbon cloth, it can absorb organic gas and odor effectively.
The air valve can effectively remove heat and moisture accumulation, providing a cooler and more comfortable wearing feeling.
The adjustable nose of aluminum bar can make the most comfortable adjustment according to different face shape, and the compatibility of the eye mask reduces the fog production.
Compatibility with eye patches reduces fog production.
Spot welding design, no harm to the face.
Filtration efficiency: greater than 95%.
Scope of application:
Can effectively block good organic gases and odor, used chemical pesticides, solvent cleaning, painting, printing, electronics, food processing, automobile ships building, ink, dyeing, environmental disinfection, and other workplace conditions.
Technical Parameters
1.Level: N95.
Outer layer - 35gPP nonwoven fabrics.
Intermediate layer - 50gN95 filter cotton.
Inner layer - 220g long staple cotton (with valve).
Activated carbon cloth and non activated carbon cloth.
3.Way to wear: head-mounted or ear wearing type.
4.Shape: bowl shape.
5.Color: white.
Executive Standard

Warranty Period
Storage instructions:
Put it in a cool, dry place.
Shelf life: 2 years.