75kN.m 3 3/8"-12 3/4" B-type Tong


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Product Introduction
1. It is the tool used for fastening or unfastening drill pipe, drill pipe coupling, connector, casing pipe or casing coupling before tripping operation. The fit size can be changed by replacing the lug jaw and changing the fit shoulder or hole. Tong of different torque grade can be selected according to use requirements;
2. The company has its own casting and forging branch companies, professional production workshops and highly automated heat treatment workshops. The 100% factory inspection can ensure product quality and traceability. Applicable to drill pipe, drill collar, casing pipe and oil pipe of various sizes.
Technical Parameters
1. Model:Q3-3/8"-12-3/4"/75kN. m;
2. Torque:75kN. m;
3. Pipe diameter range:3-3/8"-12-3/4".
Executive Standard
API SPEC 7K-2015(R2016)

Warranty Period
12 Months