0-160RPM Permanent Magnet Direct-drive Synchronous Motor for Screw Pump

Brand: YULIN

Guarantee Period: 12 months from the date of delivery

Response Time: 6 - 24h

EXW: 30 Day (s)

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Product Introduction
Permanent magnet direct-drive synchronous motor for screw pump is a new generation of stable and safe driving head for oil production equipment designed for oil production screw pump by PYZS. The motor can operate at the ultra-low speed range (0.6-500 rpm) and directly output the required torque so as to directly drive the polished rod; it has been completely removed of the belt and other transmission devices, greatly reducing the size and weight of oil production equipment and improving oil production efficiency while significantly increasing the safety and stability of the oil production equipment and effectively lowering the failure rate and maintenance cost. The motor adopts particularly enhanced anti-high-speed reversal design to ensure the safety of equipment.
Technical Parameters
1. Rated power (KW): 5.5-104;
2. Rated voltage (V): 380-1140;
3. Installation way: V1;
4. Working system: S1;
5. Insulation class: F or H;
6. Connection way: △ or Y;
7. Cooling way: IC410;
8. Protection class: IP54 or IP55:
9. Ambient temperature (℃): - 40 ~+ 45;
10. Altitude (m): no greater than 1000;
11. Speed (rpm): 0-160
Executive Standard
Enterprise standard

Warranty Period
12 months from the date of delivery