BW 45° Elbow

6 sku

BW 45° Elbow

Technical parameters

1. Size range; DN15-DN100;
2. Pressure grade; SCH40.SCH80.SCH160.XXS;
3. Material;
1) Carbon steel Q235A, 20, A105(16-1)low S. P, 20Mn, A105 low PS, A105, 45, A350LF2;
2) Alloy steel 15CrMo, 12CrMoV, 12CrlMoV, 10CrMo910, 16Mn(Q345B. C), 42CrMo, F91, F11, F9,12Cr2Mo, 12MnNb, 1Cr5Mo, Cr15Ni20, F22, 35CrMo, SA333GR6, A350LF3;
3) Stainless steel 304, F304(S30408), F316(S31608), F321(S32168), 304L(S30403), F316L(S31603), 316L(high Mo), 00Cr17Ni14Mo2, F51(S22253), F60, F304H(S30409), F316H(S31609), F321H(S32169), F321H low S. P, M-400, F53, 316Ti, 317, 317L, 347, 347H(S34779), 310S, F304 low S. P, 304L low S. P, F316L low S. P, 347H low S. P, F5, etc. .

Executive standard

GB/T12459ASME B16.9.

Supply capability

Brand : FORGED

Guarantee period : 24 Months from the date of delivery

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