Socket Head Cap

4 sku

Socket Head Cap

Technical parameters

1. Part No.: 103019, 103018, 103015, 103006;
2. Specification: .250-20UNC-2A X 0.50" LG, ASTM A574; .250-20UNC-2A X 1.50" LG, ASTM A574; .250-20UNC-2A X 1.38" LG, ASTM A574; .500-13UNC-2A X 0.75" LG, ASTM A574;
3. Material: ALLOY STEEL

Executive standard

API 6A 20th

Supply capability


Guarantee period : 18 months form the one year from the date of delivery or 12 months form the date of the arrival of the customer, whichever occurs earlier.

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