Drilling worker

The drilling industry is the main force of petroleum exploration and development. However, because the characteristics of frequent relocation, mobility construction, frequent outdoor works and the interchange operations, it is difficult to make sure the safety of production.

To achieve the goal of safe production, we must start with the labor protection and protective equipment, and generally improve the safety awareness of workers and the understanding of personal protective equipment. It is carried out smoothly under the premise of ensuring the safety and health of workers.


The main operations of the mechanical manufacturing process are to do the casting of brake and engine parts, which including the processes of making core, baking core, casting and so on. The operating environment has a lot of noise and dust, and the making core process produces harmful gases, so it is recommended to strengthen the safety protection in all aspects.

Power protection

The power industry in China has four major systems: thermal power, hydropower, wind power and nuclear power. They are sometimes in common but they also have something special, and the biggest danger for workers in the power and telecommunications industries is falling.

Get an electric shock accident is another big risk facing the electric power and telecommunications industry, the dangers of the outside world, such as light, ultraviolet light, and the splash of outside materials will harm the workers. And the protection of eyes and face also cannot be ignored.

Welder protection

Welding process can produce metal dust, harmful gas, arc radiation, hot metal droplets and other risks. Suitable protective equipment for welders can not only protect the health of welders, reduce the risk of occupational injury, but also help improve the welding quality and the welding efficiency.


The engineer or manager belongs to the non-operating personnel, mainly focus on fashion and light weight style, and the safety protection is particularly important because of the need of on-site guidance for work reasons.

Chemical protection

Petrochemical industry was formed in the 1920s with the development of petroleum refining industry and grew up during the Second World War. After the war, with the exploitation of large quantity of cheap oil, petrochemical industry developed rapidly, which makes the foundation of a large number of chemicals has been transferred from traditional coal and agroforestry products to petroleum and natural gas as raw materials.

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