YB2 Explosion-proof Motor


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Product Introduction
1. YYB2 motor has formed a complete series of low-voltage explosion-proof type three-phase asynchronous motor.
2. The power level and mounting dimension of YB2 series motor comply with I EC standard, and the corresponding relation between them and synchronous speed is basically consistent with the German DIN42673 standard and keeps consistence with Y B series (H80―315) and Y2 series, which has created favorable conditions for users' selection and product export.
3. The product’s protective performance is improved. The protective performance of YB2 motors is improved from IP44 of Y B motor to IP55, which is conducive to the development of the product’s reliability.
4. The product’s noise and vibration are reduced.
5. Main performance indexes have reached the international advanced level of similar products.
6. The motor’s usability and maintainability are improved
Technical Parameters
1. Rated power (KW): 0.75-75;
2. Rated frequency: 50Hz;
3. Rated voltage: 380V, 380/660V;
4. Working system: continuous rating (S1);
Executive Standard

Warranty Period
12 months since the date of delivery.