CMC-LX Soft Starter

2 sku

CMC-LX Soft Starter

Technical parameters

1. Control power: AC110V-220V ± 15%, 50 / 60Hz.
2. Three-phase power supply: standard wiring AC380V, 660V, 1140V ± 15%, within the triangular AC380V ± 15%.
3. The nominal current: 18A - 1000A, a total of 22 kinds of ratings.
4. Start ramp mode: voltage ramp start, current ramp start.
5. Parking: free parking, soft parking.
6. The logic input: impedance 1.8KΩ, power +24 V.
7. Starting frequency: do frequent or infrequent start, it is recommended to start no more than 10 times per hour.
8. Protection: lack of phase, overcurrent, short circuit, SCR protection, overheating, phase current imbalance, wiring, starting frequency protection.
9. Protection class: IP00, IP20.
10. Cooling: natural cooling or forced air cooling.
11. Installation: wall-mounted.

Executive standard

GB 14048.6-2008 Low - voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 4-2: Contactors and motor starters - AC semiconductor motor controllers and starters (with soft starters) .

Supply capability

Brand : XI CHI

Guarantee period : no warranty

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