HHG-01A Intelligent Handheld Signal Generator

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HHG-01A Intelligent Handheld Signal Generator

Technical parameters

1. Voltage output: 0-5V DC;
2. Voltage measurement: 0-10V DC;
3. Current output: 0-20mA DC;
4. Current measurement: 0-20mA DC;
5. 24V loop voltage output: negative 30mA;
6. Precision: 0.05%FS±1d;
7. Temperature drift: ±0.01%C, range of application 0-50℃, operating temperature range <90%RH, storage temperature range -10-80;
8. Power supply: removable nickel-hydrogen battery pack, continuous working time after recharging > 8 hours, one DC12V1A outlet switch power supply set outside.

Executive standard

Enterprise standard

Supply capability

Brand : HENGHE

Guarantee period : 12 months after the ex-warehouse date

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