Diesel Driven Pump Assembly

6 sku

Diesel Driven Pump Assembly

Technical parameters

1. Model of diesel: CAT C9, CAT C15, CAT C27, CAT 3512, G12V190PZL1, L12V190PZL-3;
2. Power of diesel: 350-1473HP;
3. Rated rotating speed of diesel: 1200-2200 rpm;
4. Model of mud pump: ZB400Ⅱ, F-500, F-800, F-1000, F-1300, F-1600;
5. Power of mud pump: 400-1600 HP;
6. Rated jig frequency of mud pump: 120-165 spm;
7. Transmission ratio of mud pump: 4.185-4.57;
8. Model of clutch: AVB600×250, YOTFJ875-25FLshA;
9. Model of transmission case or reduction gearbox: Allison 4700OFS, BY620U, BY720,JX800, BY1820, YDL532, JS-1300

Executive standard

API SPEC 7K-2015(R2016) ; SY/T 6918-2012

Supply capability

Brand : KERUI

Guarantee period : 18 months after delivery or 1 year after use whichever comes first

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