Petroleum Equipments and Accessories

Petroleum Special Equipment

Closed Clamp Repairing Bag Shale Shaker Braker Block Bop Double Wire Connector Dumping Oil Tool Hydraulic Control System Cylinder Block Articulated Block Crown Block Assembly Screen Open Caliper Cylinder Assembly Open Type Pliers Repair Kits Travelling Block Assembly Fan Winch Assembly Positive Reverse Gear Box Assembly Valve Assembly Intermediate Transmission Case Assembly Injection Oil Tools Power Input Device Assembly Air Bag Capsule Sand Control Compensator Clutch Airbag Horizontal Bottom Hole Filling Device Pump Case Assembly Clutch Shoe Filling Sand Control Device for Outside Bottom of Casting Packer Pressure Filling Device Packer Sand Control High Pressure Gas Injection Device Lubricating System Guide Sleeve Sucker Rod Hydraulic Shears Operation Device with Pressure Hydraulic Torque Converter Assembly Sand Separator Swivel Assembly Power Tong Blowout Prevent Box Spinner Mud Pump Cylinder Assembly Cylinder liner oil exploration equipment Piston Rod Cylinder Ring Locking Ring Spray Pipe Assembly Steel and Wood Foundation Valve Lifter Mobile Field Camp Hydro-cylinder Coupling Percolator Rotary Table Drilling&Workover Rig Ffilter Element Brake Shoe Disc brake Hydraulic Motor Location Disk Bushing Oil Cup Accumulator Wear-Resistant Disk Cylinder Liner Gland Cylinder Head Plug Middle Rod Mud Equipment Electric Control System Pulley Cylinder Head Angle Transmission Case Assembly Valve Rod Guide Manifold Hydraulic Power Take-off Assembly Closed Clamp Cylinder Assembly

Instrument and Meter